The return of the Barbershop

The return of the Barbershop

Barbershops are seen in almost every old movie or nostalgic TV show… Front and center on “Main street”. A gathering place, where boys become men and grandfathers are wise men listened to with the respect earned from life’s experience. As long as men have been getting haircuts, they’ve been hanging out at barbershops. Talking sports, current events, politics…the barbershop has always been the place to connect with other men in the community. The place you can relax and just be yourself with no judgment.

In the ‘80s and ‘90s, higher-end salons and discount chain establishments took over, making this right of passage experience hard to find.
Fortunately, the traditional barbershop is coming back with a uniquely tailored experience, taking the best parts of old-school barbering and adding a modern twist. Here are some of the things you can expect when you visit a “new” traditional barbershop, aside from great conversation


Gone are the days of having to wait hours at the barbershop. Even with the great atmosphere… You don’t want to spend your entire Saturday there. Most upscale and new traditional barbershops not only offer appointments, they also have online booking options.


Although there is a barber pole and classic barber chairs you will find touches that feel more like a cool man cave instead of a cookie cutter salon. Classic enough for the most nostalgic of men yet with modern touches that let you know they care about personal style.


It’s not uncommon to be offered a beer, mixed drink, or soda while you wait. It’s a nice touch that helps you relax after a long day or get a little caffeine after a long night.


Not many things better feel better than a hot towel. Whether it’s used to clean and relax you at the end of a haircut with neck shave or wrapped around your face where it helps to open the pores and raise the hair on your face for a shave, feeling for a moment like it blocks out the world. An important touch that lends itself to the personal nature of the service.


Obviously, you can give yourself a shave at home, but allowing yourself to experience a shave by a barber is a male tradition steeped in history. A straight razor shave takes precision, focus and time. Expect that you will need to make a separate appointment for a shave even if you are getting a haircut.


Barber training is focused almost solely on cutting and grooming for men. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are experts and know how to give you a clean precise cut tailored to your expectations or at the VERY least explain why your haircut ideas are unrealistic for your hair type, face shape, lifestyle etc. This is done before they start cutting. A good barber always gives you a thorough consultation, making sure you’re both on the same page.

As with anything else, each barbershop offers services and perks unique to them and the area they are serving. Find a place that offers quality services, a welcoming atmosphere and great conversation… You’ll know when you find the right barbershop it will feel like your among friends. Sometimes it can be a bit of a search, but when you find it, it will be worth the extra time you invested.