Men’s Grooming Back to Basics

Men’s Grooming Back to Basics

Spring is here so it’s time to put your best foot forward by shedding those winter layers and reclaiming you.

Investing a little time and money into your look is no longer considered vain or a “woman’s thing”. Men that put thought and effort into their appearance come across as confident, successful and sexy  Don’t be fooled, even the men that seem to always look casually cool have put in effort to do so.So where do you start? With the basics. Before thinking about hairstyles or fashion trends there are basic grooming tips that all men should consider.

Cutting, trimming and shaving

Regularly scheduled haircuts should be a priority. Period.

Find a barber who knows their stuff and becomes a regular. Not only will this make for great cuts, but an ongoing relationship with a barber can go a long way towards getting a cut in an emergency situation. An easy rule of thumb, if your friends or significant other have noticed you need a cut, you’re already past due. Try being proactive, not reactive. Book your next appointment before you leave the shop from your current appointment. Depending on your hair type, style and growth rate your next cut should be between one and six weeks. I know that is a big discrepancy but a good barber will help you determine when you should come in for your next cut. This applies to the hair on your head and facial hair.

Now let’s discuss some other areas that need attention. Eyebrows, Ears and Nose.

Eyebrows, You should have two of them. Most barbers will offer to help you with this, let them. Trimming and separating your eyebrows is easier for your barber than for you. Don’t worry trimming is NOT the same as arching.

Ear hair, let’s just say eww together. Again most barbers have got you covered here as well. If they don’t normally do it or forgot, just ask.

Nose hair, unless you have a really old school barber you’re probably on your own. Try and trim or tweeze them at least once every two weeks but look out for any strays in between.


This should not be up for debate. If you look like you have a troll in a headlock, trim that stuff. I’m not saying it needs to be completely shaved, which is acceptable for some people but can be very itchy and no one wants to be scratching their underarms all day.

Chest, back and groin

These areas are a little more personal so discretion is up to you. It is important to note however that if you are going to shave these areas you will need to do it fairly often to avoid the itch factor, an issue that typically happens as the hair grows back, not to mention if there is something that feels worse than a hairy back, it is a prickly hairy back. Depilatories (hair removal creams) are also an option. Dissolving the hair at the root means slower regrowth. But the process is a little more involved and would require enlisting some help for the hard to reach areas. Another factor with these creams is the possibility of chemical burns if left on too long. So at attention to the directions. For men that are truly brave, waxing is also an option. Keeping in mind that ingrown hairs happen so to help alleviate the problem it is important to exfoliate (remove dead skin) and moisturize  (use lotion).

Keep your nails short and clean 

I shouldn’t need to explain why long dirty fingernails are not a good look.  If your budget or schedule permits, try a monthly manicure/pedicure to have someone take care of this for you. I recommend letting them buff your nails as a way to keep the healthy shine without looking too “fancy” .Since nails grow at different rates there is no set time frame for it when to cut,  however when it is time to trim your nails, water is your best friend. Nails absorb water and as they do they soften. This is the perfect time to attack them with the clippers. Finger and toe nails become more flexible, making it less likely that you will crack or cut too low on the nail which tends to happen when the nail is stiff and dry.

Wash that Mug

Cleanse your face on a regular basis with a facial soap.Most body soaps are too strong for the face. You need to invest in a cleanser that is just for the face. No, it’s not okay to use hand soap for your face. It’s called HAND soap for a reason! Most soaps have harsh ingredients that can harm your face and actually cause you to break out. A great cleanser goes a long way. You will see a dramatic difference in the skin after one use.

Pucker up Buttercup

Lips can suffer all year round as the sun dries them out and the cold weather can cause them to chap. My recommendation for kissable lips? Use a lip balm regularly. But use sparingly as you don’t want to look like you’re wearing lip gloss.

Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

No excuses! Obviously, not everyone has perfect teeth. But that doesn’t mean that you should be out here making people yield like they’re at a traffic light every time you smile.  There are plenty of over the counter teeth whiteners available that are safe and effective. Brightening up your smile can take more than five years off your look. Also brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day might keep the dentist away but it can help you to get a little closer to that special person you’ve had your eye on.

And last but not least,


it’s great for your skin, hair, nails and your waistline