Includes a consultation, sometimes people use different terminology but let’s make sure we are on the same page BEFORE the cut. A precision custom cut finished with a straight razor shave on the back of the neck and a hot towel.

Buzz Cut

Clipper only cut with blocked, rounded or tapered neck. (does NOT include skin fades) NO scissor or straight razor work. Do you rock a bald head? We can buzz it all off followed with an electric razor to get it extra close.

Head Shave

Perfect for the guys that still enjoy relaxing in the barber chair even though they don’t have much hair. Head shave included buzzing any remaining hair off, and a couple hot towels to soften that stubble. Hot lather is applied before a slow, attentive straight razor shave of the scalp. Followed by a cool towel and aftershave lotion.

Edge-up / Shape-up

Cleaning up hairline only with or without a straight razor. No tapering or fading of sides and nothing off the top. With taper includes above with a taper and straight razor shave on back of neck. If you donʼt know this term, this service is probably not for you. Consult with someone at The Beard Room before booking if you are unsure. EU/SU including neck taper

Beard Trim w/ Straight Razor

Custom trim with shears that have been honed to specifically handle delicate facial hair and/or clippers to fade your beard into your haircut when needed. Clipper only beard trims are rare at The Beard Room when they are done it’s reserved for shadow beards, or beards below 1/2 an inch in length. The beard trim is followed with a straight razor shave to give your beard a precise outline. Beard trims w/o a razor

Straight Razor Shave

One on one consultation to discuss the sensitivity of your skin and texture of your facial hair. At which point a pre-shave treatment, a razor and post-shave treatment will be chosen for your specific needs. Your barber will explain step by step the shaving process specifically for you. Following the shave, your barber will finish up with a cool towel and aftershave lotion.

Beard Styling

Are you a beard model or trying to become one and have a photo shoot coming up? Getting ready to compete in a beard competition at Auld Shebeen here in Fairfax. Come into The Beard Room and let Amber shape and style it to perfection


Price starts at $20 not including haircut. This applies for all designs on men or women.