Five essentials for maintaining a great beard

Five essentials for maintaining a great beard

With so many beard products to choose from these days it’s easy to lose focus on the essentials. So let’s take it back to basics and focus on the five key elements to a great beard.

I’m hoping this guide will convince the men who are still on the fence to take the leap, and for the ones that are feeling a bit overwhelmed to keep going. Beards a great way to change up your entire look and if you take care of it properly, it’s a change for the better.

All of your hair, facial or otherwise is affected by what you eat and drink. Better nutrition leads to better growth. Lucy for you there is a vitamin that you can add to your daily routine. Vitamin B7, also known as biotin, helps to strengthen and thicken hair leading to better growth.

Now let’s talk about hydration. Keeping your skin and beard moisturized is key to a soft touchable, by other people, beard. My favorite product for this is simple coconut oil. The virgin coconut oil found right in your local grocery store. The natural coconut oil will absorb into both your skin and beard keeping it soft with the added bonus of being anti-microbial and anti-fungal.

So your beard is growing in but starting to look a bit unruly and the ends are scraggly. It’s time to take a trip to the barbershop. If you have a barber you trust, great! If not start looking online for a barber that has proven experience with beards. If not you can save yourself some money by visiting a ten dollar, quantity is better than quality, barbershop. Ending up with a shadow beard, which unless it has an immaculate line up, is really no beard at an all. It’s worth the time to find a grooming expert.

Now your beard is looking pretty damn good. Let’s keep it that way. Combing and or brushing your beard is essential to keeping it smooth and tangle free. For shorter or straighter hair a brush alone works best. It keeps small tangles out and works to stimulate the skin and pull natural oil out to the ends of your beard. Stick with a natural bristle beard brush like boar hair. Combing is best for longer, corse and curly beards. It will also pull the tangles out, keeping your beard free of hair that has fallen out (this is normal) or broken ends. Using a natural wooden comb with wide teeth is best. Again not only keeping your beard tangle free but by pulling the natural oils from your skin to the much drier ends of your beard.

Alright, my last and final recommendation is almost completely up to you. Beard oil or beard balm. My advice is this, the more unruly your beard the more hold you will need from a product. Beard balms tend to be heavier with more hold than beard oils. Balms tend to work best on shorter, thicker, curly and beards that are grey or going grey. Beard oils thinner and work great on longer thinner beards. The oil is easily distributed from face to ends of beards. Giving a nice hydrated look. So what’s left to you? The best part, choosing your favorite sent. With so many different scents out there it’s hard to know without smelling them all that will be your favorite. I suggest trying out what’s at your barbershop first. After that try a beard oil club. For a very low price, you can try different oils every month until you find your sent.

But what do the ladies like? Coming soon – Grooming product scents that women have fallen in love with.